Arcobaleno Rooms Team



MARTINA - Arcobaleno Rooms Manager

Martina is the Manager of Arcobaleno Rooms since 2017 and she is personally responsible for enhancing the quality of the service we offer day by day.

Since she joined our group, putting so much dedication into her work, Arcobaleno Rooms has exceeded everyone's expectations, including us!

With its sweetness and kindness she immediately enters into empathy with our guests and with her touch of elegance and taste she has put a great imprint on the restyling of all our rooms.
If Arcobaleno Rooms today is an affirmed reality and has a great reputation, it is thanks to Martina!

The great added value of Martina is to enhance your stay, taking an interest in your tastes, preferences and leave you surprised!

RICCARDO - Front Desk & Social Media Manager

Riccardo is the youngest of the group and also the person who has been there for the longest time.

He has known Arcobaleno Rooms at the beginning of growth and evolution.
Since he arrived, the emotional tone of the group has skyrocketed, he can joke, laugh and amuse anyone!

Riccardo takes care not only of welcoming you at your arrival and supporting you during your stay, but it is thanks to him that people know us on the web.
He takes care of all the Marketing and Social Media part of Arcobaleno Rooms and impeccably transmits our image on the web.

He is an extraordinary boy who likes so much to be in contact with people, to talk and share the beauty of our land.

LISA - Housekeeper Arcobaleno Rooms

Lisa is the Manager of the Housekeeping Service of Arcobaleno Rooms and if you see in our reviews the score "cleaning" that touches 10/10 the credit is on her.

Her precision and her obsession with cleanliness guarantee her an extraordinary job.

Lisa is an exceptional person.
She not only takes care of managing her work and ensuring the highest quality of service, but a lot of times guests remember her for how she manages to build a real feeling with them.

He loves children and loves being able to prepare for them always a few surprises, and is remarkably good at creating decorations with towels that always leave all guests spellbound.

ANNALISA - Housekeeper Arcobaleno Rooms

Annalisa, together with Lisa, deals with the quality of the cleaning service of the entire structure.

In addition to having a beautiful smile, as in the photo, she is able to convey good humor to anyone, maintaining a high standard and committing herself to what she does.

The added value of Annalisa in our group is her availability, her interest in the group, guests and Arcobaleno Rooms.